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Welcome to Life Schematics
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Life Coaching
Youth Performance Training
Customized Fitness 


Every coach needs a coach!       

      15 years and counting!

Youth Awareness


To submit your video for our youth, text it to 360.780.0480

"What advice would you give a younger YOU?"

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Our most recent volunteer day was a huge success!

Check out our FUN "lunges" #challenge!   Any participation is welcomed!

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(Mindset Reform)



My Story/My Passion


Some facts & history about me...I am a fitness trainer & life coach in Atlanta, GA. I have been married for 15 amazing years, I moved to GA 3 years ago but born and raised in Tacoma, WA where it all began. 

In fitness, my passion is to help others create better lifestyle habits, from children playing sports to our senior clients who need more mobility. I believe using body weight to begin with is crucial to building strength and endurance.

In life coaching, I work with clients who have reached a place of inner questioning and doubt. So, I find it imperative that I use only the tools and techniques that creates transformation that lasts a lifetime. Building better relationships in all aspects of life including fitness, marriage, parenting, work & friendships are the center teaching points in all of my sessions.

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