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Hear what our clients are saying: 

Concrete Wall

Life Schematics and working for with Ronney for 3 weeks was amazing and really made me slow down and think way deeper than I ever have before. He really put my thoughts and why I am acting/behaving/reacting in perspective, but also gave me the tools to navigate it in a more positive productive way than the way I was doing before. It was super helpful and now I have the tools to do it myself, but he is still just a phone call away. Much love and appreciation for all of your help and what you do to help people 💕

Jessica B. 

Tacoma, WA

Body by Ronney is second to none. His passion, intellect, patience, & Consistency is unmatched. I appreciate his understanding for knowing my capabilities & his ability to cater my weaknesses with workouts that pinpoint the desired blemishes I would like erase.

Dominique E.

Tacoma, WA

The first time I went to workout with Ronney I had just turned 50 and decided it was time to start taking better care of myself. I walked in wearing an oversized t-shirt to hide my body because I was embarrassed of the way I looked. I had no idea what to expect and was worried I was going to have a hard time getting through a workout. Right from the start he made me feel at ease. He met me at my level while still pushing me to be better. The workouts were hard but fun at the same time and I actually looked forward to training days! After 6 months of training I can honestly say I felt like I was in the best shape of my life. At 50!! My confidence has improved so much and I no longer hide underneath baggy clothes. If you are looking to meet your fitness goals you should definitely give Ronney a call. It’s a decision I will never regret!

Christa B.

Monroe, GA

Best experience I've ever had with a trainer. Not only did Ronney help me achieve my goals physically, he also gave me daily perspectives that allowed me to become a better person! Thank you Ronney for being a solid person in my path to becoming a person!!

Toby M.

Seattle, WA

My family has been with Ronney for over a year.   Highly recommend. My kids enjoy working out with him.  They consider him a friend. He pushes them to reach their fullest not only at training but also in life.

Jamie S. 

Athens, GA

I met Ronney at our local gym, where he was conducting a class. He came and introduced himself to him and my friend and invited us to attend his class. Even though the class was tough workout, we had a blast! he has such a welcoming and fun personality! me and my friend enjoyed him and his class so much we started attending his classes regularly! I have since had some personal issues and slacked off on my workouts but he and I continue to keep in touch. He is always such a positive and motivating spirit. you can't go wrong giving him a chance, he will change your outlook and you will see results in your body quickly! i have never regretted a moment or a dollar spent with him.

Jena D.

Atlanta, GA

I originally found/met Ronney at the gym I was going to, as he was a trainer there as well. I started going to training sessions at their house soon after. I had never been as toned as I was going to Ronney. I highly recommend him no matter what your goals are. He will help you focus on your goals and push you to keep going. He and his wife are both amazing people and will make you feel comfortable. I will never go to another trainer after going to Ronney.

Meagan P.

Atlanta, GA

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