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Life Audit

Our coaching offers you a fresh perspective on goals you haven’t been able to achieve in life YET! We can reorganize your life to empower you rather than you continue an unsuccessful path. We are an accountability partner, by your side, step by step to ensure you see things through. 


An Accountability Guide; someone who’s there for you through life’s most difficult and challenging times. A guide to help you see things differently, refine your approach and achieve your loftiest dreams. We provide an unbiased evaluation that your family and friends may not be able to offer.

What we do:

*Perspective Redirection

*Building/Understanding Healthy Relationships (7” Pillars)

​1. Understanding

2. Respect

3. Trust

4. Transparency

5. Love

6. Compromise

7. Acceptance

*Reverse Stance Mindset Approach

*Youth Evaluation – fitness coaching/life skills/critical-thinking


Rising out of survival mode is a challenge... Let us help you!

Mission Statement

I help people who are currently feeling helpless and lost navigate through life's rough moments; by getting them back to a structured path in life. Through my unique metrics system, I show clients how to correctly prioritize their emotional-life balance. Together we co-create a plan that redirects your focus, along with implementing the mental toolkit needed to provide perspective redirection.                                

How it Works:

initial consult: 3 or 6 week program

Discuss client’s ambitions, goals & determine if client/coach is a good fit:

  • Have you ever been coached before? Any type of therapy?

  • What makes you want to hire a coach?

    • What has troubled you in the last month?

  • What are you looking to achieve from your life-audit?

  • Questions for coach?

If established that client/coach will move forward – the Coach will email the client a Stress Assessment.

Client will purchase a journal along with an accountability board that will be utilized throughout the audit.


phase 1: Client’s Purge & Audit

  • Set up every-day coaching calls (20-45 minutes) for Purge & Audit

  • 3 things to cold turkey (stop doing)

  • 3 people to contact about your coaching journey (creating support system)

  • Audit all troubled aspects in your life (with coach’s support)

    1. Purging emotions, thoughts, fears, insecurities, work/life balance, stress, etc.


phase 2: Sustainable tools

  • Set up coaching calls (20-45 minutes) for the week (every other day)

  • 3 positive triggers/accountability board

  • Establish good habits/build structure around what gives “our clients” peace of mind

  • Continue work on the 3 things stopped (cold turkey.) Design toolkit the client will need to incorporate realistic boundaries

  • Discuss/continue work on support system and how it is or isn’t benefiting the client


phase 3: Life Schematics

  • Set up “final” coaching calls (20-45 minutes) 2-3 times

  • Co-create/implement a positive habit for the first & last hour of your day

  • Discuss what a future looks like after Coaching; implementing the toolkit from the syllabus

  • List 3 impactful points gained from the life audit and where would they be used

  • Share client’s life audit metric results

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