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Build the Confidence to Trust Your Future Decisions...

Meet Your Coach


Note: We will connect via zoom, FaceTime or phone for all coaching sessions. 

Mobile: 360.780.0480
(Voicemail & Text)


Atlanta, GA

Great time at the "Just About Wives" event!! Thanks ladies!! 


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Ronney Hamilton

I help people who are currently feeling helpless and lost navigate through lifes rough moments, getting to a structured path in life. Through my unique metrics system, I show clients how to correctly prioritize their emotional-life balance. Together we co-create a plan that redirects your focus, along with implementing the mental toolkit needed to provide perspective redirection.   

My coaching technique can become intense at times as my focus is to align a persons characteristics with their idea of what they define as success for themselves. It’s important to note that my coaching approach centers around an open dialogue, with questioning that consistently probes at conscious thinking & self reflection.

"Failure becomes extinct when you learn how to believe in your beliefs."
Dr. Tumminello
Mentor & Friend

Life Consulting

Who do I work with?

My services are for people who are:

  • Facing major life changes and need clarity on how to move forward.

  • Feeling unfulfilled, trapped, lost, complacent, confused and often pondering, “how did I get here, and how do I get out?" 

  • Putting their desires on hold while taking care of family and business.

  • Feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, misunderstood, in their marriage/relationship and no longer have the energy to communicate.

Stressed Woman
Holding Hands

What can we discuss?

  • Extended Relationships

  • Fears

  • Trust Issues

  • Obstacles

  • We can discuss whatever "you" feel comfortable with... nothing's off limits. It's your session, own it. 

Together we will explore your most precious thoughts (wrong or right,) life’s journey, dreams & ambitions for the life you wish to lead.

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