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We have partnered with our friend Ethan Dixon on a great product you should not  be living without! 

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About Ethan

I was born and raised in Douglas, GA and I currently live in Monroe, GA with my girlfriend, stepson, and my soon to be baby girl. 


One of my many passions is Health and Fitness. I also love building relationships and connecting with new people. I want to assist and educate others on the importance of why we need to be hydrated on a cellular level.

My Motto:

Communicate, Collaborate and Connect!

As a Luxury Water Representative, my goal is to spread the knowledge of water because not all water is the same. I intend to make a difference in this world, and I choose to start that ripple within the many wonderful people I come in contact with. 

I faithfully believe this water and the knowledge I spread will help change many lives! 


What is Electrolyzed Reduced Water?

Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW), also known as alkaline ionized water, is a type of water that has undergone electrolysis, a process that splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen ions. During the electrolysis process, the water is exposed to an electrical current, which causes the hydrogen ions to bond with electrons and form hydrogen gas, leaving behind water that is rich in negatively charged ions.

Ocean Rocks

In Japan, research on functional water, especially on reduced water, is developing at a rapid pace. Reduced water such as electrochemically reduced water and natural reduced water can scavenge reactive oxygen species in cultured cells. Reduced waters are expected to have preventive and positive effects on oxidative stress-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arteriosclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases, and side effects of hemodialysis. It has been suggested that the active agents in reduced water are hydrogen (atoms and molecules), mineral nanoparticles, and mineral nanoparticle hydrides.


I look forward to connecting and building relationships. Tell me about your personal journey. 

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